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August 2011

Many Point 2011 By The Numbers

“Thanks for one of the best weeks of my summer!”

Roadside Wildflowers

Prior to 1999, all traffic on the camp road went through Ten Chiefs. At that time, a new road was built to bypass the Ten Chiefs subcamp. This road has greatly enhanced the camping experience in Ten Chiefs by eliminating nearly all of the vehicle traffic during the week. The other great thing about this new road was that many stretches of the roadside are covered with wildflowers that offer an ever-changing summer-long bouquet of wildflowers. Here are just a few of the flowers you can find alongside the road.


As the loons serenade you to sleep on your first night,

You eagerly await for a week that will surpass all the rest
With a plethora of things to do, there will be a staff member waiting for you.
You sir, are why we are here.
So I say, thank you for all that you do, in making our summer as memorable as yours.

Bjelland Lodge Dedication

On August 3rd, 2011, the past and future of the Flintlock Adventure Base were united in the new Flintlock Headquarters. Current and former staff, council dignitaries, spouses and friends joined together to dedicate the brand new Bjelland Lodge.

Favorite Family Camp Memory

As a Family Camp staff member, my best memory of Family Camp was of my first time there. In 1997 I was 9 years old and I was staying in cabin 19. My best memory of that was watching a staffer use a chain saw to cut a downed tree for firewood. I was so interested in it, I was watching him for so long. Then my mom came up and asked if I wanted a picture with him and I said, “Yeah!” So I goat a picture with his helmet and ear muffs on me and him holding the chainsaw. I don’t remember that staffer’s name, but I hope I make some camper as happy as I was.

Some Thoughts From a Scoutmaster

Summer goes so fast and time moves too quick