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You will never run out of fun when you are on the lake at Many Point!

Aqua Trampoline and Activity Island

Cool off by leaping into the lake from a 25 foot floating trampoline, or by wooshing! into the lake.


Cool off or practice your skills at the beach.


Race the wind in a fleet of Sunfish sailboats.

Mile Swim

Can you go the distance to be a mile swimmer?

Tandem Kayaking

A totally new way to explore the bays.


Take one out to fish or practice your merit badge skills.


From the dock or row boat, you're sure to find a spot where the fish are biting.

Water Polo*

Challenge your neighboring patrol to a friendly game of water polo.

Greased Watermelon*

Water Polo gets a whole lot slipperier when the ball is a melon covered in shortening.


Check out the underwater world with mask, fins and snorkel.


Choose from over a hundred canoes to explore our two lakes.

Canoe Snorkel*

Take an aquatic trek to a spot where snorkeling is at its best.

Polar Bear

Prove your strength by braving this early morning dip into the lake.

Troop Sauna

Fire up the sauna and relax - then jump in the lake and do it again!
*Activity offered only as an Afternoon Troop Activity
Beach Flyer2.54 MB