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Many Point offers a number of exciting opportunities for Scouts and Venturers both as part of a traditional week at camp and as stand-alone programs. 


Programs During Traditional Weeks

The following programs operate in conjunction with a traditional unit campsite or All Star Troop reservation. Participants camp and sleep with their unit and some or all of every weekday is filled with special program activities. The fees for these programs take the place of the standard fee for a week at camp.
Reservations open April 1st, and space is limited. Please submit the appropriate registration forms along with the deposit to reserve your spots.

Stand-Alone Programs

These are programs that operate on their own. Participants may camp with their own unit (if their unit is in camp concurrently) or as part of a provisional unit with adult leadership provided by our program staff, similar to the All Star Troop.
Reservations open for these programs April 1, and space is limited. Please use the appropriate registration forms to reserve your spots and submit the required deposit.


Special Opportunity for Venturing Crews

Many Point works individually with Crews to provide unique adventures that meets your Crews interest. Please contact Evan Yingst at (651) 254-9183 or and share what your crew is interested in.