Many Point Heritage Fund

Many Point Scout Camp has created lifelong memories for countless campers, Scout leaders, families, and staff. Your support will ensure Many Point is available for future generations to continue the tradition.

The Many Point Heritage Fund is part of Northern Star Scoutings $35,000,000 Make Your Mark endowment campaign to secure long-term funding for camp improvement and maintenance, outreach to at-risk children, and delivery of life-changing programs.



What is the purpose of the Many Point Scout Camp Heritage Fund?
The Heritage Fund, part of Northern Star Scouting’s $35,000,000 Make Your Mark endowment campaign, provides
financial support for the care and maintenance of Many Point to help ensure it will continue to impact lives long into the future.

Why now?
For many years countless individuals have generously supported Many Point and other Northern Star Scouting camps.
The Make Your Mark Campaign and Heritage Fund provides a formalized and focused opportunity for individuals to
invest in the long-term care of Many Point.

What is an endowment?
Endowments are a cumulation of donations that use the resulting investment income for a specific purpose. An
endowment can also refer to the total of a nonprofit institution’s investable assets, also known as its principal or corpus, which is used for operations or programs consistent with the donor’s wishes. Most endowments are designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts.

Can gifts to the Heritage Fund be used for other Northern Star camps or initiatives?
No. The Heritage Fund can only be used for the long-term care and maintenance of Many Point. For example, donations cannot fund the National Boy Scouts of America Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.

How will the Heritage Fund be managed?
The Northern Star Board of Directors, in consultation with a committee made up of representatives from the Many Point Staff Alumni Association, the Many Point Properties Committee, and the Many Point Programs Committee, shall have oversight and fiduciary responsibility for the Heritage Fund, and earnings derived from it.

How will the status of the Heritage Fund and its impact be annually reported?
The Northern Star Scouting Endowment Report will provide annual investment guidelines, objectives, and performance
of the Heritage Fund.

How can I support the Heritage Fund?
You can contribute financial gifts of any size to the Heritage Fund through your will, estate plan, or cash donations,
including stock/securities. In most circumstances, you can make a larger gift through a will, a retirement account (i.e.,
401K or IRA) or a life insurance policy. Why? Because it is easy to do through your employer or investment advisor and
does not necessarily require attorney involvement.

All financial gifts to Northern Star Scouting are tax-deductible; however, we strongly suggest you consult a professional tax advisor regarding your situation.



Projects Supported by Many Point Heritage Fund

The first distribution from the Heritage Fund is scheduled for 2023. Check back here to learn more

How to Give

To pledge your support or for more information, please contact either:

Jenny Hedal
Director of Development, (612) 261-2401

Matt Magers
Major Gifts/Planned Giving Director, (612) 261-2407

If you’d like to make a donation online – please click below and put Many Point Heritage Fund in the note.