12 New Things!

Happy Holidays friends!

Every year we think about what makes Many Point great, and what could make it that much greater! Now that the holidays are upon us, we’d love to share what we’re going to add next year to give Many Point even more possibilities.


#1 Walk the Plank!

Added to every program camp’s aqua trampoline, this fun extension is a new way to enjoy the waters with your friends! You can jump, slide, or even fall off this giant plank 10 feet above the water. Make sure you listen to your leader, or off you go! 😄🌊


#2 Art Merit Badge!

Join us in the Handicrafts building for this new Merit Badge. Covering many forms of Art, you can learn how to express yourself by visual pieces. Try not to make a mess, unless that’s what you’re going for! 🎨


#3 Basketball Hoops!

Slam dunk over your friends with these new permanent basketball hoops! Play with as many friends as you can, or practice your own shot when you have time. These will be available at all times for you and your troop! 🏀😮


#4 Chemistry Merit Badge!

Study substances of matter, and how they are composed in our Nature Centers to earn this advanced merit badge. The natural world waits for you to discover its secrets, and here is a great place to start! 🧐


#5 Soccer!

Sports and Athletics are both merit badges we offer here at Many Point. Now, in addition to our new basketball hoops we have Soccer nets as well! Grab your friends and play a game, or sign up for these merit badges to enjoy all these new sports! 🥅


#6 Nature Center Animals!

Our Nature Centers have always favored live animals around our area. Now you will get to experience animals found much farther away! Take a look at our friends during free-time and learn all about these magnificent creatures! 🐍🕷️


#7 Painting Merit Badge!

Create your own world with this very old and mastered skill. You have all the power to create and destroy, but you’ll find that putting your vision on the canvas is more difficult a task than you initially thought. With our staff to help you, anyone will be able to improve their skill and earn this badge! 🖌️⛰️


#8 Disc Golf Course #2!

Down in Voyageur, the land of exploration, we’ve added a brand new course! Rent some discs and travel through the woods for a fun, relaxing game. Getting a hole in one is more challenging than you think! ⛳️


#9 Fly Fishing!

Part of Sportsman’s Outpost in the High Adventure base, learn the advanced technique of Fly Fishing! We will have all the gear you need, including the know-how. We’ll set you up, teach you the skill, but catching the fish is all on you! 🎣🐋


#10 Paddle Boards!

We started the Kayak program in Flintlock a long time ago, and decided each program camp should have kayaks of their own. Now, we’ve done the same with Paddle Boards and we can’t wait for you to try them! Head down to the boating beach with a buddy, and explore the lake from a standing perspective! 🌊


#11 Flintlock Exposure Program!

One of our main goals at Many Point is to encourage and facilitate Unit Growth. We do this by first giving older scouts more opportunities and rewards for coming up to camp with their troop. With this new program, we will be able to reach out to our soon-to-be older scouts, and show them the possibilities we have waiting for them! Adventure is waiting for you, all you have to do is take the first step. We will help you with the rest!


#12 The Escalade!

The aqua trampolines are getting ANOTHER giant attachment, this time for climbing up! Grab onto this wall with all your might and climb to the top for a fun way to get on the trampoline. Even if you can make it to the top, you might “accidentally” fall and make a giant splash! 🌊