2017 Older Scout Program Registration

Register here for Tier 3 Older Scout programs. They open at noon on April 1. Reservations are taken on a first come, first served basis.

Register here for All Things Aquatics and here for All Things Scuba.


Why is it first come, first served?

We ask that Scouts that don’t get into their desired program utilize the wait list. Upon filling out wait list requests, Many Point will do everything we can to find opportunities for your Scouts to do the programs as well.

Can my Scout do multiple older Scout programs?

Yes – Scouts can submit requests to do all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs as well. We’ll do our best to fit all requested adventures into your Scouts week.

When do the activities happen each week?

The Older Scout Adventure Activity Schedule helps explain the older Scout program schedule for doing multiple older Scout activities.

When do I get my schedule?

Your Scouts will get their schedules upon arrival to camp. This allows us to optimize the number of programs each Scout gets. We prefer and will do our best to keep Scouts from the same unit together.

How do the fees work?

In general, the fee is added onto the general Scout fee paid through your unit. For the All Thing’s program, that fee replaces the general Scout fee. Why? Because most participants for the All Things programs come as individuals, and don’t pay through the unit.

What information do I need at registration?

The registrant contact will need to provide name, email, unit number. For the Scouts, you’ll need to submit name and age. For All Things Scuba – we need more information to fit them into their gear. This information includes; height, weight, birth date, shoe size, pant size, and mask & snorkel.

You can always go back and update your registration information if you’re unsure of at time of registration.