2018 Summer Camp Orientation Meeting

This years 2018 Summer Camp Orientation meeting was a hit! If you weren’t able to be in attendance, the presentation is here.

Want to watch the presentation live? Check us out at www.Facebook.com/ManyPoint.

Breakout Sessions at the Meeting


Camp Director: Mike Patterson – Was Shooting Sports in previous summers, super excited

Program Director: Harrison McCormick – Worked as a commissioner in previous summers, excited too!

The morning schedule in Buckskin specifically has been changed, so eating breakfast is first and announcements comes after. This was changed in the middle of last summer, and will hopefully get table cleaners to their merit badges on time for their 1st session merit badge.

Ten Chiefs

Camp Director: Jack Loats – Has worked in Ten Chiefs, comes up every summer from Kansas (wow!)

Program Director: Ed Kim – Worked at North Wind, Been to Many Point 8 years, Worked in Buckskin and Ten Chiefs

The shower house was improved! It was mentioned in the live-stream, but essentially it was updated to be less bleak and more effective at feeling comfortable.


  • Did they fix the leaking storm shelters from previous years?
    • Yes! All leaking has been stopped effectively.


Camp Director: Zac Lachinski – 6th Year on staff – Worked in Voyageur and Ten Chiefs

Program Director: Laura Patterson – 6th Year on staff – Hasn’t worked in Voyageur before

No noteworthy changes to speak of this year, focused on adding that extra touch this year.


  • We are transitioning from Ten Chiefs to Voyageur. Any helpful hints?
    • Adults at the meeting suggested to use our Many Point stoves. The main difference is cooking dinner, which does not take as much time as you would think. Dinner seems to run the same amount of time at both camps.
  • Do troops bring bicycles?
    • Yes, usually if they are located at any of the farther sites. Voyageur is spread out like Ten Chiefs, just in all directions as opposed to one.

Flintlock – High Adventure Camp

Camp Director: Lars Olson –

Program Director: Calvin Scrabeck – 11th Year on staff – Worked in Buckskin, Ten Chiefs, Flintlock, and Voyaguer

Many Programs are changing times and functions to better make a consistent schedule. There aren’t any new additions that are big and beautiful, but many programs are getting new activities and items such as International Target Sporting Outpost.


  • How do the 3 Tiers of program work?
    • Tier 1 is for scouts going into the 8th grade. They are one day programs, that are free of any charges*. Tier 2 are for scouts going into the 9th grade. They are one day programs that usually come with an extra charge and are generally more adventurous. Tier 3 are for scouts going into the 9th grade as well, but need to be signed up through SCMS by June 1st. There are limited spots that will be decided by the scouts age and rank. These programs last all week long, and sometimes only one specific week a summer. If your troop won’t be up that week, we allow the ability to stay with the All-Stars as a single (or more) scout.


Here are some questions that were asked in the comments during the meeting:

  • How much time will we be able to spend with our scout if we decided to camp at Family Camp instead of with him at his sub-camp?
    • Every day around 5pm there is some down time until dinner, and then after at 7pm-9pm is free time that is all available.
  • Is there a program where we can swap campsites with another troop for just one year but keep our reservations for the next years for ourselves?
    • We do not control this, but we have a forum that is available for you to look at here. You can chat with other troops and make a plan to switch sites and have your own rules.
  • If you are at Family Camp, do you need to qualify as a Swimmer to participate in water activities?
    • Absolutely not! Not only are you able to swim and have fun in your designated area, but there are programs for every skill of swimmer to learn more swim techniques, or just have more fun.
  • Which Merit Badges have fees that the scout will have to pay out of pocket?
    • None of them. We have all merit badge materials that need to be purchased charged to the troop at the end of the week when checking out. Then you will receive a Unit Charge form with all the charges listed by name of scout and program so you know exactly who owes the troop what amount of money for their materials.
  • Can Adults join in the PADI SCUBA classes if there are open spots after all the scouts have signed up?
    • Unfortunately our program is setup for scouts only, so even if we had spots available we wouldn’t be able to offer this opportunity.
  • How do we submit our Roster and Merit Badge choices?
    • Online through SCMS (Scout Camp Management System.) You should have received an email from us with your login information, if you haven’t please contact Emily Collette at ecollette@northernstar.org
  • When will our packets be mailed to us?
    • If you were not at the Leader’s Orientation Meeting, your packet will be mailed to our main SCMS contact. This will be sent out on Feb. 5th, so expect it to arrive in a week or two from then.