Many Point Program Opportunities – 2020

We are all very excited to get to Many Point this summer! While there will be some changes to promote the health and safety of our Scouts and leaders, our staff will be working with your unit to make sure you have an incredible experience at camp.

Since our founding in 1946, it has always been a central part of Many Point’s mission to provide a strong summer camp experience that results in an even better unit for the rest of the year. This summer, units will experience even more of this unit development and strengthening as all advancement, program, and older Scout activities will be done at the patrol or unit level. To reduce the risk of COVID infection, Scouts and Leaders will not associate with Scouts and Leaders from other units in merit badge sessions, open activities usually held in the evenings, or camp-wide activities such as campfires, flag ceremonies, dining hall service, or older Scout activities with Scouts from other units. We will be providing support for units to conduct many of these activities at your campsite.

Logistically, our program sessions will be longer two-hour blocks to provide time for Scouts, Leaders, and Staff members to appropriately disinfect high-touch surfaces and maintain social distancing. In some of our programs, such as Lifesaving Merit Badge and Jet Ski riding (in Water Sports Outpost), it is impossible to maintain social distancing and we look forward to bringing back those programs in future summers. Units will be asked to bring their own tenting, cooking gear, and some program supplies such as bandages for First Aid merit badge to limit risk of sharing items with other participants. Prior to camp, unit contacts will receive information on how to register for programs so that programs will be prepared for your unit before you get to camp


Advancement sessions will be held on a specific day of the week with exclusive sessions for your unit. They will not be held in the mornings with Scouts from different units as we have done in the past but rather last most of the day in most cases. We will strive to provide as many merit badges as possible to your unit as we are able.

Unit contacts will be asked to submit the advancement session requests along with the program requests prior to camp so that your weekly schedule is ready for you when you arrive at camp. There may be additional opportunities and/or changes as we are given additional guidance from local, state, and national public health, governmental, Scouting, and camping authorities.

2020 Many Point Patrol Program Planning Worksheet for Patrol Leaders

2020 Many Point Patrol Program Planning Form

Units can register for the following programs at Many Point this summer:
(activities will be scheduled by units or patrols, some programs may have unit or individual participation fees)

Older Scout Activities:
1. Huck Finn Raft visit during the day
2. Tree House
3. Five Stand Shotgun Range
4. Project C.O.P.E.
5. ATV trail ride
6. Water Skiing
7. Bike Treks
8. Adventure Cove
9. Kayaking
10. Catamaran Sailing
11. International Target Sports Outpost
12. Deep Lake Fishing

Unit Activities
1. Climbing Tower
2. Rifle shoot
3. Shotgun shooting
4. Archery shoot
5. unit Swim
6. Aqua Tramp inflatables
7. Canoe trip
8. Sailing
9. Super unit Project
10. GPS Demo
11. Geocaching
12. Orienteering
13. Outdoor Skills Pioneering project
14. Fire’m Chit & Totin’ Chip
15. What’s Cooking?
16. Dutch Oven Extravaganza
17. Nature Canoe
18. Loon Lore/Beaver Tales
19. Handicraft Project (unit charge)
20. First Class Adventure skills challenge/Trivia

Independent Program Time – without staffing
Disc Golf
History Center-Self guided
Chess Tournament
Back of the Moon Hike
Other (Doing own thing in campsite)

Things you can do on your own (Bring your own equipment)
Bean Bag toss
Ring toss
Ladder toss
Giant Connect 4 in a row
Flickin Chickin
Rubber horseshoes
Glow in the Dark Lawn Darts
Glow in the dark Bocce Ball
Night Frisbee (with a light up frisbee)
Giant Jenga
Tic Tac Toe
Nature Hike
5k Run

Advancement Opportunities
1. Archaeology
2. Archery
3. Astronomy
4. Basketry & Leatherwork
5. Camping
6. Canoeing
7. Chemistry
8. Chess
9. Cooking
10. Emergency Preparedness
11. Environmental Science
12. Family Life
13. First Aid
14. Fish & Wildlife Management
15. Fishing
16. Forestry
17. Geocaching
18. Hiking
19. Indian Lore
20. Kayaking
21. Mammal Study
22. Nature
23. Orienteering
24. Personal Management
25. Pioneering
26. Public Speaking
27. Radio
28. Rowing
29. Signs, Signals, & Codes
30. Soil and Water Conservation
31. Swimming
32. Weather
33. Wilderness Survival
34. Woodcarving
35. First Class Adventure – covers advancement requirements for Scout 4ab, 5, Tenderfoot 1a, 3d, 4ab, 5abc, 7a, 8, Second Class 1b, 2bcdfg, 3abcd, 4, 5acd, 6ab, 8a, First Class 1b, 3abcd, 5a, 6bcde, 7abc

Our goal is to at some point release a plan for Scouts to earn these merit badges in a hybrid format, where they do requirements ahead of time or during their camp week and then connect with a counselor on specific skills. For now, our plan is to have staff teaching these merit badges directly to scouts.