Many Point COVID-19 FAQ’s

Units attending camp as a unit will be treated as a ‘household’ and will not be required to practice social distancing or wear face coverings (unless indoors) while with each other. The assumption is that these individuals will spend the week with each other and so the level of long term exposure and level of close contact needed is greater than a short meeting or outing.

Though we will still have some mitigation protocols in place, we expect your camp experience to be far more ‘normal’ when compared to Summer 2020. However, prior to camp we suggest that you discuss with your families how your unit will travel to and function while at camp in light of the ongoing pandemic. It is important to ensure all families have a level of comfort with your plans.

Live Q&A session June 2 at 7pm:

Q: Can participants tent together?
A: With the exception of following regular youth protection guidelines there are no additional restrictions on tent partners.

Q: Will we be required to wear face coverings or practice social distancing?
A: Face coverings will be required for all participants while indoors and in enclosed spaces. Additionally, in situations where multiple units are participating in a single program (e.g. merit badge classes or subcamp campfires) together, participants will be required to practice social distancing with those outside of their unit.

Q: What will sanitation protocols look like at camp?
A: Hand hygiene will be prioritized. Expect more frequent reminders as well as greater access to hand washing and hand sanitizer. High touch surfaces and shared program equipment will be sanitized regularly. Units will be provided with a sanitizing spray for surfaces that can be refilled at their request.

Q: What will food service look like at camp?
A: We are planning for regular dining operations to resume. All indoor dining rooms will be open with no party size limits for tables seating individuals from the same unit or group. However, units or groups will be spaced at least 6 feet apart from other units/groups, which may require us to serve meals in shifts. Outdoor dining options will also be provided.

For units staying in Buckskin, you can indicate in your summer camp reservation in Scouting Event if you’d like commissary food (full commissary menu) or to eat in the Dining Hall. There is no more light cook option – your unit picks commissary menu (cooking for yourself) or full dining hall experience.

Q: What will happen if we need to take shelter in a storm shelter?
A: Our camp physicians and risk management advisors agree that the imminent threat of a storm would take precedence over all else. When needed, we will use storms shelters as in the past but will work to limit time spent in them as we are able. Face coverings while inside will be required.

Q: Will health screenings be required?
A: Prior to your departure from home on the day of arrival, each participant should use the COVID Health Screening Checklist found on the Resources page prior to attending programming. We will not be collecting these onsite but we will ask your group leader to verify that screenings were conducted.

We will not be requiring paper copies of the health screening checklist for 2022. Additionally, each participant must monitor themselves daily for symptoms of COVID-19. We will not be requiring temperature checks.

Q: Will you require a negative COVID test in order to attend camp?
A: While we are strongly encouraging all campers to get a COVID-19 test 2 to 3 days prior to arrival, we are not requiring it.

Q: What if someone at camp exhibits symptoms of COVID-19?
A: The participant will be isolated from the rest of the group and remain so until results of a COVID-19 test can be received. In the interim, the rest of the unit can continue with program as normal. Individuals with a negative test result can return to program as normal.

Q: What will happen if someone tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp?
A: The participant and their ‘close contacts’ would need to remain in isolation until they return home. Unless a unit can prove otherwise, our assumption is that everyone in the unit of an infected individual will be considered a close contact.

Q: Will you require a COVID vaccination to attend camp?
A: While we are strongly encouraging all eligible campers to receive a vaccine, we are not requiring it. Those who can show proof of vaccination will not need to isolate if they are identified as a close contact.

Q: Will I still be required to isolate if I am vaccinated?
A: You will not need to isolate if you are determined to be a close contact of an individual who tests positive for COVID-19 while at camp. However, if you are symptomatic you will need to isolate until results of a COVID-19 test can be received.

Q: Will there be limits on visitors, partial week leaders, group sizes or town visits?
A: No, but we will ask all individuals to follow our health and safety protocols both inside and outside of camp while we are in operation. This includes visiting a subcamp from Family camp.

Q: Will there be older Scout transportation?
A: No, right now we are asking units to provide the transportation to our Flintlock Older Scout Adventure Base. If we’re able to add the busing back in we will. Units will also need to provide the transportation for offsite experiences.

Q: What about camp-wide events?
A: As of 6-1-2021, we are planning on bringing back opening and closing campfire. At this point, we are not bringing back camp-wide assemblies, the polar bear, ironman, and adult leader recognition dinner. We feel we can keep units separated by 6′ during campfires because participants are stationary.

Q: Is there internet available in the Loon Café (Administration Building basement) for adult leaders to work?
A: As of 6-1-2021, we are planning on having a rotation of which subcamps have access specific days to the Loon Café. Adults who are fully vaccinated from COVID-19 can come any day. There is spaces outside the admin that reaches the WiFi unvaccinated individuals can use any day.