Summer Camp Management System

Many Point has been using SCMS (Summer Camp Management System) since 2007 to track campsite reservations, and it has grown year after year. For 2017 and beyond, We are asking that all units move to using this system for submitting information, instead of the past method that was considered “paper” first.

Here are the things SCMS will do for your unit:

  • Renew your reservation for the next summer
  • Review your units bill & payment history
  • A way to submit unit roster (Due June 1st)
  • Online registration for merit badges (Due June 1st)
  • Online request for unit activities (Due June 1st)
  • Request Tier One and Tier Two activities
  • Grant access to other leaders
  • Manage past and future reservations and view past history
  • Submit food service requests
  • Submit equipment requests


The number one reason is to provide a smoother check in upon arrival to Many Point, and ease the stress of the first day. Under our paper first model, units would submit rosters and program requests upon arrival to camp and would not receive schedules until Monday morning. Now that we’re submitting through SCMS, upon arrival to your campsite you’ll get a draft copy of your schedule. You’ll then be able to review with your commissioner and start planning your week earlier. The other reason is to lessen the paperwork your unit needs to keep track of to prepare for camp. We’ll be able to store your requests in our program and minimize the number of units that need create and/or re-create these documents upon arrival to camp.

For Many Point, the early scheduling allows us to provide better program to your Scouts. We’ll be ahead of the game in planning our staffing as we’ll know what’s coming before each unit arrives to camp. We’ll also continue to provide outstanding service, as one of our traditions is to provide strong guest service. This means we’ll remain flexible, and accommodate any schedule, program, or merit badge change request that we can.

Thank you for being a Many Point leader and adapting to this new method.

If you need help, resources are here to help. First, check out the SCMS User Manual.