If you’re traveling over 300 miles, and would like to request early arrival, or have other restrictions and you can’t arrive until Monday, you can request a different arrival day here

In requesting an alternate arrival, my unit understands that for:

Saturday Arrivals

  • My unit will report to Camp Administration building upon arrival.
  • No Food Service is provided until Sunday evening
  • No Staff or program is available until Sunday at 1pm.
  • Camp Facilities (beach, climbing) are not available
  • Scouts must remain in campsite unless accompanied by an Adult.
  • We will submit equipment requests prior to arrival.

Monday Arrivals

  • My unit will submit merit badges prior to arrival.
  • My unit will submit unit program planning sheet prior to arrival.
  • My unit will submit older Scout program requests prior to arrival.
  • My unit will submit meal count sheet prior to arrival.
  • My unit will submit equipment requests prior to arrival.


When you arrive to camp, a staff member will confirm with you that you have the following together:

  • All participant physicals
  • All PWC release statements
  • All ATV release statements
  • Blank Check
  • Complete meal count sheet
  • We will also inquire if Unit roster was submitted online. If yes, then great. If not, we will ask that you take 30 minutes to fill one out and sign up for programs.


Buckskin operates a Dining Hall, all three meals are cooked by our kitchen staff. Scouts utilize the patrol method by taking on roles like “server” and “after meal clean up.” Units have the option to request that the meals be delivered to their site for scouts to prepare themselves if they would like.

Voyageur and Ten Chiefs have all three meals delivered in pre-portioned crates for your Scouts to cook. Since these Scouts are cooking all three meals in campsite, our food team sweetens the menu with dinner meals like steak and pork chops during the week.