Additional Information

Summer Camp Coordinator Description

Intent Of This Description

Sometimes the Scoutmaster is the unit contact that receives this packet. The description below is intended to assist the Scoutmaster in identifying and explaining the role of a Summer Camp Coordinator to themselves or a volunteer taking on this important role.


Volunteer with Scouting Unit attending Many Point Scout Camp

Position Description
  • Serve as primary coordinator for preparations for units Many Point experience
  • Utilizing resources outlined in this guide, inspire Scouts to attend Many Point Scout Camp
  • Recruit Adult Leaders and Parents to serve in support roles such as “merit badge coordinator, older Scout coordinator, carpool coordinator, etc…
  • Serve as the voice of information from Many Point to entire unit
  • Ensure unit has safe travel plans to and from Many Point, and entire unit is aware of schedule
  • Collect necessary documents from Scouts, Leaders, and Parents
  • Submit necessary information to camp as it is due
  • Coordinate with unit treasurer to ensure payments are submitted on time to Many Point
  • Coordinate collection and distribution of merit badges and awards earned at Camp
  • Review emails from Many Point and share relevant information
  • Excellent communication, organizational, and leadership skills
  • Problem Solving and troubleshooting
  • Ability to recruit fellow adult leaders for support
  • Responsible and mature
  • Strong time management and flexibility
Time Commitment

On average, Summer Camp Coordinators are spending one hour a week on preparations

Camp Equipment

Many Point Campsite Equipment

In your campsite there is a Scout axe, bow saw, and reflector. By request, you can borrow dutch ovens, pie irons, and campsite games like bean bag toss or ladder ball.

Many Point Equipment Plan

We offer an equipment plan for $7.00 per Scout that includes:

  • 9’x7’ wall tent and poles (1 per 2 participants)
  • 1 Sheepherder Stove or 3-Burner LP stove (additional charge for propane) per patrol
  • 1 Patrol Box per Patrol
  • 1 Troop Supply tent per patrol
  • 1 12’x16’ Tarp per patrol
  • Cots for each member of Troop

*Adults will be included in equipment plan free of charge

**We ask that units bring their own tent stakes

The Many Point Patrol Box Includes:
  • Legs, Bolts, Washers, Nuts
  • 9” Fry Pan
  • 6” Pot
  • Pliers
  • Chef’s Trail Kit
  • 2 Handles
  • 6” Lid
  • Aluminum Griddle
  • Plastic Pitcher
  • Coffee Pot
  • 8” Pot
  • 3x 12qt dish tubs
  • 10.5” Fry Pan
  • Coffee Lid
  • 8” Lid

Participants staying in Buckskin will use dining hall utensils. Everyone else should bring their own mess kits. Many Point has a small supply for emergency use.

Additional Equipment For Rent

If you need more equipment or only need a few items, you may rent additional equipment.

  • Tarp – $4
  • Patrol Box – $10
  • Tent – $8
  • Ice Chest – $5
  • LP Stove – $20
  • Cot – $3
  • Propane – $16
  • Sheepherder Stove – $0
Golf Carts

Many Point wants camp to be an accessible and enjoyable experience for all participants. We understand mobility might be limited for some of the Scouts and Adults that attend our camp. To help with this, Many Point has two golf carts participants can request to rent for your camp week.


Loon Cafe

A complimentary Wi-Fi service is available in the basement of the Administration Building, known as the Loon Café. The administration building is open from 8am – 9pm. Accommodations can be made for adult leaders that need after hour access.


Washer & dryers are located at sub-camp shower houses and is available for your use. The machines are coin operated.


Mail should be addressed as follows:
Site Name & Troop Number
Camp Name
41408 Many Point Scout Camp Rd
Ponsford, MN 56575

*From the Twin Cities, mail takes on average three days to arrive to Many Point. So – mail early!

Sub-Camp Lodges

Coffee, hot water, and juice are available in the sub-camp lodges for adult leaders. Additionally there are dedicated outlets to charge devices. While a Scout is trustworthy, usage is at your own risk

Trading Post

Scouts will find handicraft items, camp souvenirs, supplies, and treats available at the Trading Post. As a guideline, on average a Scout spends $60 per week. Our Trading Posts accept credit cards and Scouts are encouraged to use prepaid gift cards.

Units may wish to set up a charge account. Only adult leaders can authorize and make purchases through charge account. The final bill can be settled at end of week or added to the unit bill at check out.

Alternate Arrival

Can’t Arrive On Sunday?

If you’re traveling over 300 miles, and would like to request early arrival, or have other restrictions and you can’t arrive until Monday, you can request a different arrival day. In requesting an alternate arrival, my unit understands that for:

Saturday Arrivals

  • My unit will report to Camp Administration building upon arrival.
  • No Food Service is provided until Sunday evening
  • No Staff or program is available until Sunday at 1pm.
  • Camp Facilities (beach, climbing) are not available
  • Scouts must remain in campsite unless accompanied by an Adult.
  • We will submit equipment requests prior to arrival.
  • Monday Arrivals

    • My unit will submit merit badges prior to arrival.
    • My unit will submit unit program planning sheet prior to arrival.
    • My unit will submit older Scout program requests prior to arrival.
    • My unit will submit meal count sheet prior to arrival.
    • My unit will submit equipment requests prior to arrival.

    Post Camp Contact

    Billing Questions

    If upon review of your unit bill after camp your unit treasurer has noticed something to discuss, please contact Emily Heidelberg at or call 612-261-2465. Please include Council, unit type, unit number, campsite, and sub-camp, and then any pertinent details on your concern in the email or voice message.

    Missing Blue Cards

    Please include Council, unit type, unit number, campsite, sub-camp, week, year, Scout name(s), and merit badge(s) that you are checking on. We will respond via email with our counselor records for each badge / Scout and allow you to recreate blue cards based on the information provided.

    Many Point maintains records of blue cards for three years at the council office. Records from four to eight years ago are kept at an offsite storage facility and may take us time to respond to these inquiries. After eight years, records are recycled.

    Lost and Found

    Please call 612-261-2465 or send an email to . Please include Council, unit type, unit number, campsite, sub-camp, which week you attended, and as many details as possible about the item (size, color, brand, make, model, etc…). Our lost and found is sorted by week and then by item type (i.e. water bottle, clothing, electronic).

    After November 1, all remaining lost and found is donated to a local charity for those in need. Class A’s are returned to units upon finding them at camp.


    For other reasons please call 612-261-2465 or send an email to

    Rules and Policies

    Although the Scout Oath and Law are the only rules that a Scout camp should need, there are some items where it is helpful to be specific. The following rules and policies have been established to ensure the safety of all Scouts. All Campers are asked to cooperate in the observance of these simple rules and in the common sense operation of camp. For the safety and enjoyment of all in camp, troops, crews, of families unwilling to observe camp rules and policies may be asked to leave. Any questions or comments on these rules and policies can be addressed before camp by calling the Northern Star Council Office at 612-261-2465.

    Youth Protection

    Buddy System
    Scouts must be instructed to use the buddy system when hiking or exploring around camp and are encouraged to inform their leaders of their plans when leaving their campsite.

    Troop/Crew Leadership
    Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age- and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.

    All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at camp for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. The 72 hours need not be consecutive. Units are responsible for ensuring adults at camp are registered if at camp for more than 72 hours.

    One-On-One Contact
    There is no one-on-one contact between adult leaders and youth members.

    For more on Youth Protection please refer to Scouting’s Barriers to Abuse in related content.

    Everything Your Unit Must Provide

    You will want to double check that your unit has these items line up. If you’re having trouble finding adult leadership, connect with Many Point and we will help troubleshoot. Many times, we’re able to pair your Scouts with another unit.

    Adult Supervision
    Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. There must be a registered female adult leader 21 years of age or over in every unit serving females. A registered adult leader 21 years or over must be present for any activity involving female youth. Notwithstanding the minimum leader requirements, age– and program-appropriate supervision must always be provided.
    All adults accompanying a Scouting Unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. The 72 hours need not be consecutive.
    All adults must have completed Youth Protection Training

    Units not from Northern Star Scouting, BSA must provide proof of medical and accident insurance. This insurance is secondary to individual family insurances. Proof must Include:
    Policy Number / Certificate number / ID insurance
    First Notice of claim form
    All participants must have an annual physical. Please see Health Services for more information.


    Camp Speed Limit
    The camp speed limit is 15 MPH. Some places in camp the speed limit is 5MPH. When campers are present one should consider going even slower to ensure the safety of everyone.

    All passengers must wear seat belts. There is no riding in the back of pickup trucks or anywhere else in a vehicle not designed for passengers.

    Vehicles should be parked in designated parking areas. There is absolutely no parking inside campsites. Loading and unloading at the campsite is allowed, but we ask that vehicles are moved back to a parking area immediately after. If someone in your troop or crew needs a special accommodation a vehicle may be parked at the campsite and be used to transport that individual around camp. Please contact camp to receive a special use permit to park at your campsite.


    Phones can be a great way to enhance an outdoor Scouting experience, but they can be a challenge to manage. We recommend phones are ONLY to be used by adults or youth under the supervision of an adult. Please inform parents not attending camp of your own units phone policy before you attend camp.

    Items To Leave At Home

    Campers should not bring these items to camp:

    Fireworks of any kind
    Alcoholic Beverages/Illegal Drugs
    Flames in tents
    Personal Firearms (e.g.rifles, hand guns, bows, sling shots, ammo)
    Sheath Knives/Fixed Blade Knives
    Alcohol and Tobacco

    Alcohol is not to be consumed at camp. Leaders should be of sound mind and body while at camp and not under the influence of alcohol or any other substances. Tobacco and vaping products must not be used on Northern Star Scouting Properties. Leaders need to use tobacco products off camp property.

    Fire Safety

    Camp is a great place to teach Scouts fire safety. Each unit should complete and use the Unit Fireguard Chart. These will be provided at camp. Fires should always be attended and your campsite fire barrel should be filled with water so apple water supply is quickly available in the case that a fire begins to spread or get out of control.

    Mountain Bikes

    Upon Scoutmaster Approval, Scouts can bring bikes. Scouts who bring bikes must participate in a bike orientation with your camp commissioner. Bikes shall only be used on designated trails or where vehicles can drive. Helmets must be worn. Please remind Scouts to be respectful of hikers and give notification when “passing on the left or right.”

    What To Expect When You Arrive

    Administration And Logistics

    Your first stop will be the Camp Administration building. Camp will collect the requested paperwork we’ve requested, and confirm your information with you in SCMS.

    Documents For Arrival To Administration Building

    When you arrive to camp, a staff member will confirm with you that you have the following together:

    • All participant physicals
    • All PWC release statements
    • All ATV release statements
    • Blank Check
    • Copy of unit’s insurance certificate
    • Complete meal count sheet
    • We will also inquire if Unit roster was submitted online. If yes, then great. If not, we will ask that you take five minutes to fill one out.
    Heading To Your Sub-Camp

    After you have been through check in, you will be given directions to your campsite. Upon arrival to you campsite, the following things will happen (in this order):

    • Campsite orientation with Commissioner
    • Begin discussing program schedule for the week
    • Unit heads to beach for orientation and swim qualifications
    • Buckskin units head to Dining Hall for Dining Hall orientation
    • Campsite set up
    • Dinner at 6:00 pm
    • Camp Tours at 7:00 pm
    • Adult Leader meeting at Sub Camp lodge at 7:00 PM
    • Free Time after Tours are complete
    • Opening Camp Fire at 9:30 PM


    Food Services

    Buckskin operates a Dining Hall, all three meals are cooked by our kitchen staff. Scouts utilize the patrol method by taking on roles like “server” and “after meal clean up.”

    Ten Chiefs has breakfast and lunch delivered to your campsite in a pre-portioned crate for your Scouts to cook. Our kitchen team cooks dinner in the Dining Hall and staff will deliver a pre-cooked heater stack to your campsite entrance.

    Voyageurhas all three meals delivered in pre-portioned crates for your Scouts to cook. Since these Scouts are cooking all three meals in campsite, our food team sweetens the menu with dinner meals like steak and pork chops during the week.

    Patch Recognition System

    1. Year Segments– One year segment is worn for each year a youth or adult attends Many Point. One year segment is given to all campers each year.
    2. Many Point Scout Camp– the center of the Many Point recognition system. The Loon logo remains the same, but a new background is introduced each year. Scouts and adults receive the 3” Loon patch each year at Many Point. Most Scouts use their first year patch as the center of the system.
    3. Super Troop Segment – worn by youth and adults who were in attendance at Many Point when their Troop earned the Super Troop award.
    4. Activity Segments – Available for a variety of camp activities. Check at your Camp Trading Post or the Administration Building for a list of those segments available.
    5. Special Patches – 3” patch is available for participants in Project COPE, Climbing, Water Sports Outpost, and Family Camp programs at camp.


    • Units decide the qualifiers for earning each segment
    • 3” Loon patches and year segments will be presented to Troops at check out.
    • Other segments and patches can be ordered utilizing the segment order form. This sheet needs to be submitted through your Trading Post by Thursday so we can assemble your order by check out.