Work Party

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Spring Work Party 2022 has been planned for June 3rd – 5th. 

Come help get Many Point Scout Camp ready for this coming summer camp season. Food, lodging, fellowship and a special recognition are provided. Both skilled and general labor is needed. It’s fun!

Here are examples of some of the types of projects that have been completed in the past:

Finish Family Camp Cabin 1 Remodel
Replace deck boards at Movilla 6
Replace Admin Warehouse siding
Deconstruct TC PFD shelter rack
Build TC Paddle and PFD station
Repair Wood lodge Roof Corner
Repair Tent Platforms
Build Voyageur Archery Structure

Landscaping and Trail Projects
Clear branches/limbs from around roofs
Clear downed trees
Cut back brush in campsites and roads
Enlarge campsites
Build retaining wall on Crockett Latrine
Spread mulch at Buck Handicrafts

Replace dry dock carpet for boats
Remove pressure tank near Cabin 21
Remove old Wagon at Horse Overnight site
Deep clean shower houses

Install T8 Lights in Shop
Wood Lodge Light Fixtures
Electrical service to CIT hill
Install ventilation in Storm Shelters
Buckskin Staff City Electrical Additions
TC Shower house Light Fixtures
Electrical Service to TC Staff City

Stain new latrines
Stain Family Camp cabins
Paint Administration Building Trim
Stain fence posts and rails
Stain KD shelters in Buckskin

ATV Shelter Roof Leaking
Shed roof, and Storm Shelter Roof
Replace Buckskin Boat house roof
Replace Screws on Dining Hall

Rotate or remake tomahawk targets
Catholic chapel improvements
Re-screen Buckskin Central Program
Install mirrors in Family Camp cabins
Spread wood chips
Install Speed Limit signs

When is it?

June 3-5

Who comes?

Each year, we have a wide variety of skilled and general labor volunteers come for the weekend to help with projects.

What is the cost?

You are coming to help us, so of course we would not charge! Instead, see below to learn what we will be providing for you.

What is provided?

Food, lodging, fellowship, and a special recognition gift is provided for all who participate.

Register Online

Please sign up by May 1st so we can plan for food, lodging, and project materials.


Contact Many Point at (612) 261-2465 or