New This Summer

Improvements for 2023

As we make plans for 2023, you'll be able to see each change here. It may look sparse for now, but we're hard at work making plans for next year!

All Things Aquatics

This highly-sought after Tier 2 older Scout program is making its return during Week 2 this coming summer. If you're interested in checking it out, check out the 2023 Program Catalog when it releases.

Branding Night

Scouts will be able to brand hats, leather, or wood cookies with our new brands!

CIT Program

We're making several changes to the CIT program sign-up process to simplify how much effort applicants need to put in before they are able to actually sign up for the program. Under the new process, a CIT will be able to sign up starting December 1st of 2022 for the 2023 season and will give us everything we need at that time.

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Character Challenge Course

While we are beginning our repairs to bring back our COPE course, we have decided to partner with Character Challenge Adventure course in Park Rapids to fulfill your high ropes needs. This new program is a new Tier 1 older Scout program designed to allow units attending Many Point to experience the thrills of a high ropes course!

Expanded Adult Leader Opportunities

Many Point has brought back some programs for adult leaders that have not been offered since 2019 and added several new opportunities. This means that if adult leaders want to become trained, wants to try out our programs like 5-Stand, or simply want to see areas of camp they usually wouldn't see, we have them covered! Head over to our Adult Leader Opportunities page.

Hammock Rentals

This year, interested participants can rent a hammock for the week. For $5, enjoy sleeping under the stars every night of the week.

More Eagle Required merit badges

With the addition of Citizenship in the World and Family Life merit badges through our Eagles Nest program, the total number of Eagle Required merit badges a Scout can earn at Many Point to 12. 

New Orienteering Courses in each camp

Sponsored by the Many Point Staff Alumni Association, Scouts can complete orienteering and geocaching requirements for rank and merit badge advancement in our new orienteering courses.

Pre-Order Tie-Dye Shirts

For $15 per shirt, your unit can buy Many Point shirts for the afternoon Tie-Dye activity. This will ensure we have shirts of the proper size for each person interested and that you can collect the fees from their parents before they come to camp - keeping everything easier for your unit.  

Scouting Heritage

For the first time, Scouting Heritage will be offered as a merit badge at Many Point Scout Camp. Scouting Heritage is a merit badge that will be offered through the Many Point History Center and is available for units to sign up for as an afternoon activity.

Ten Chiefs Structural Improvements

The road through Ten Chiefs has been significantly improved and the roof on the boat house has has been replaced.

Updated Nature Center Programs

Featuring new equipment as well as traditional favorites, Scouts can earn merit badges, learn about the beautiful Many Point environment, and explore new areas such as aquaculture and hydroponics with our updated programs and new facilities.

New This Summer