Our staff here at Many Point are one of a kind. Just ask anyone who’s stayed at Many Point even for a day, and they’ll tell you the surprising friendliness of the people who make Many Point what it is. Here is a few quality features our staff have to offer you when you’re camping at Many Point.


Our staff have all the necessary certifications to keep you and your scouts safe, but not only that. We have a whole 2 weeks of training to make sure they know as much as there is to know, so any one can be called upon in a time of need. This training involves everything from knowing how to start a fire, to leading the entire camp in an exciting activity!


We have a set of traditions here at Many Point that focus our values. One such example, is the way we treat you every day, under any circumstance. You are our guests, you are here to have as much fun and learn as much as you can in a short time, so we make sure you know you’re welcome. It’s as simple as waving and saying “Hello!” while we pass you by, but it’s a feeling you won’t forget!


Our training above covers a lot of things, but one of the best things we do for our staff at Many Point is give them the tools they need to succeed. During our training, they will meet with previous instructors and staff to show them the way. With all our documentation and materials, our staff quickly make our program their own, and in just a few days have passion for their activities.

Staying at Many Point is an amazing experience, but the staff take it a step further.