• How far you can fly on our water trampoline
  • Learning strokes can be easy with your friends
  • Find treasures on the bottom of the lake, you’d be surprised how long some things stay hidden!

Program Options

  1. Advancement-Time
    1. Swimming Merit Badge
    2. Lifesaving Merit Badge
    3. Sailing Merit Badge
    4. Canoeing Merit Badge
    5. Rowing Merit Badge
    6. BSA Lifeguard
    7. Snorkeling BSA
    8. First Class Adventure
  2. Troop-Time
    1. Troop Swim – Try our snorkels or tubes
    2. Greased Watermelon – An old fashion favorite, score goals by pushing the greased watermelon under the water
    3. Nature Canoe/kayak – Learn about what’s living beneath your boat
    4. Water Trampoline – Take turns jumping and splashing with the famous BLOB!
    5. Aqua Poló РA game similar to Ultimate, throw the ball through the hoop
    6. Canoe Snorkel – Canoe to a great location for underwater discovery
  3. Free-Time
    1. Whole Beach open every night
    2. Mile-Swim on Friday
    3. Aqua Scooters

Unit Activity Descriptions


Our Beach is the center-point of program in all of our sub-camps. We try to offer as much fun in the water as possible, whether it’s swimming, snorkeling, boating, or even sailing. Go out on the water with a friend, and see how far the wind takes you! If boating isn’t your style, maybe flying is. Our aquatic trampoline is 20 feet in diameter and if that doesn’t get you high in the sky our BLOB definitely will!

Special Requirements

Participants must have a buddy tag to enter the Beach

Items to bring

  • Merit Badge materials
  • Swim trunks
  • Towel
  • Shoes/sandals (To get to the beach)
  • Water Bottle