First Class Adventure


  • The basics of camping and being prepared
  • Skills that will last you a lifetime

Program Options

  1. Advancement-Time
    1. Second Class Rank
    2. First Class Rank
  2. Troop-Time
  3. Free-Time
    1. Area open for anyone’s use


Our goal with the First Class Adventure program is to teach your scouts the skills they need to reach the First Class rank. We cover everything from fire building, to water safety. We can’t sign off on your scouts requirements, but once they spend a week here in First Class Adventure they will be able to show you the skills and get their requirements signed off in a jiffy! Here are the requirements we work on:

  • Scout 4ab, 5
  • Tenderfoot 1a, 3abd, 4ab, 7a, 8
  • Second Class 1b, 2bcdf, 4, 6abg, 8a
  • First Class 1b, 5a,  7bc

Items to bring

  • Water bottle
  • Any class materials
  • Pocket Knife (if you have a Totin’ Chip)
  • Rope (if you have any)