• Crafts come in all shapes and sizes
  • Tie-dye is a little more than just messy
  • Enjoy a bug-free, sheltered place to work on any project you like

Program Options

  1. Advancement-Time
    1. Leatherwork Merit Badge
    2. Basketry Merit Badge
    3. Pottery Merit Badge
    4. Woodcarving Merit Badge
  2. Troop-Time
    1. Tie-Dye
    2. Troop Craft:
      1. Monkey’s Fist
      2. Turk’s Head
      3. Hemp Bracelets
    3. Finger Printing Merit Badge
  3. Free-Time
    1. Always staffed and tools all available
    2. Totin’ Chip on Monday
    3. Tie-Dye on Tuesday
    4. Project Bonanza on Friday

Unit Activity Descriptions


Our Handicraft buildings are almost all brand new, and have more than enough space for any large group. We have stamps, beads, even knives and glue. If there’s something you’d like to create, think of stopping by for some help. We really do enjoy joining you in your project, no matter what you plan on making.

Special Requirements

Participants must have a Totin’ Chip to use any knives

Items to bring

  • Merit Badge materials
    • Leather-work project bought at Trading Post
    • Basketry Projects bought at Trading Post
      • Round Basket
      • Square Basket
      • Stool
    • Woodcarving projects bought at Trading Post
      • Relief Block (Square piece)
      • Carving in the Round (Neckie slide)
  • Totin’ Chip
  • Water Bottle
  • Backpack