Outdoor Skills


  • Cooking in many different situations
  • The skills for survival
  • Build anything you want with the materials provided

Program Options

  1. Advancement-Time
    1. Pioneering Merit Badge
    2. Geo-caching Merit Badge
    3. Wilderness Survival Merit Badge
    4. Archaeology Merit Badge
    5. Signs, Signals and Codes Merit Badge
    6. Orienteering Merit Badge
    7. Cooking Merit Badge
  2. Troop-Time
    1. Firem’n Chit
    2. What’s Cooking? (Extra Charge)
    3. Survivor Man
    4. Knots and Lashings
    5. Leave No Trace
    6. GPS & Geo-caching
  3. Free-Time
    1. Monday Night
      1. Totin’ Chip
    2. Firem’n Chit
    3. Build with lashings any evening you like
    4. Open every night for wild adventures
    5. All tools available

Unit Activity Descriptions


Here we have all the knowledge and tools you need to be an Outdoors-man. Learn how to survive off the land and cook with nothing more than a fire and a stick. Here you can make your own adventure, using lashings as the glue to your fortress. Anything is possible when you’re the creator, so don’t hold back!

Special Requirements

Participants must wear close toed shoes to climb on structures

Items to bring

  • Merit Badge materials
    • Wilderness Survival Kit (made by you)
  • Raincoat (Area has two covered tables)
  • Water Bottle