Rifle and Shotgun Range


  • Who is the sharpest shot in your troop
  • How shotguns and rifles are very different
  • Safety is easy to practice, it just needs to be discussed

Program Options

  1. Advancement-Time
    1. Rifle Merit Badge
    2. Shotgun Merit Badge
  2. Troop-Time
    1. Troop Shoot (extra charge)
  3. Free-Time
    1. Whole Range open every night
    2. Shotgun range open specific nights (ask your commissioner)
    3. NRA competition – Talk to the range director for information

Unit Activity Descriptions


Up here at Many Point we have plenty of options for shooting sports. If you have never tried shooting a rifle, or blasting a target out of the sky with a shotgun, stop on by! We are here to help you try and hit that bulls-eye even if you have trouble, while teaching the safety standards. Not only are we open for the first time shooters, we are always available for the experienced shots as well!

Special Requirements


Items to bring

  • Merit Badge materials
  • Water Bottle